Wiring of Heating Cartridge + SSR40-DA Relay


I would like to know if anyone have any experience with heating cartridges similar to the ones in the picture.



Plugging it to Neutral (blue) and Phase (brown) should already make it work, should it not? Do I have a faulty cartridge, or am I doing something utterly wrong? This is the first time I am working with these elements that are usually in industrial applications, and I cannot seem to find good info online.

On a second step I want to control it using a SSR40-DA relay and an Arduino, but I guess that wouldn't be a problem.

Would appreciate kind responses.


500watt in a 80mm*10mm tube should get redhot in seconds, and burn/melt/explode without cooling.
Better test this on a 12volt (or 24volt) supply. Also a lot safer than exposed 230volt wires.
At 12volt, it should draw a little over 100mA, and get slightly warm (~1.25watt).