Wiring Pressure Mat with Arduino Diecimila

Dear all,

I need to wire a pressure mat with an Arduino Diecimila, then program it throguh Adobe Flash, can anybody help me please :)


Could you please be a little bit more specific ? On your project, and on your skill level.

Yea well I'm still a beginner, I want to put the pressure mats on a kicking bag for martial arts, a sound will be triggered randomly, the user should kick the bag where the mat is put, so that it adds points to a text field. it's like a training game. Flash should know that the bag is kicked from the electrical pulse generated from the pressure mat.

DO you have an idea of what you want to use for a pressure mat?

Seems feasible, but it all depends on the little things.

Biggest concern I see with that is using Flash, I dunno how skilled you are, and trying to go that route might not work for some.