Wiring question

Hello everybody

i am in search of a proper way to wire the ws1812 LEDS project so here is the info’
The goal is to operate the lights using wifi with blynk app

so the signal path is as follow:
Blynk output —>INPUTesp8266 outputINPUT INPUT relay —> OUTPUT —> input —>Arduino board–OUTPUT ws2812Leds

so i am skeptical about a better way of wiring relay outputs altho both ways should work

sketch attached

The firs way is to connect the 5V Arduino pin into the common pin of the relay (LINE) and the + signal of the LED strip in to N/o open pf the relay

The 2nd way is to connect the + of the actual power supply (Main feed) into the common of the relay(LINE) and the 5V of the Arduino into N/O of the relay
so which way is better?
btw is it better to us a relay or a mosfets transistor as a switch?

Thanks all

relay Lets load 5vLine as output.pdf (1.74 MB)

sketch attached


A wiring diagram would make life easier.

If you want to know how to control power to the LED strip, please specify which power supply you use. If the ESP8266 is on all the time, the Arduino can be on as well, and all the LEDs can be turned black in power saving mode. Or the Arduino can provide power to the strip on demand, using a relay or a high-side MOSFET switch. Or the ESP8266 itself can do all that?

i tried to attach t both wiring diagrams will try to attach the 2nd diagram here
How ever the arduino mega will be powered by 5v, and as far as i can see most of esp8266 are powered by 3v so as a result i will be using to different power supplies, namly, one 5v and another one 3v(unless thers another way) and the wiring diagrams are according to it the first wiring diagram is in the first post

You do not need a relay or an Arduino at all. All you need is a buffer to turn the 3V3 signal from the esp82662 into 5V for the strip. I normally use two of the six buffers you get in a 74HCT14 chip.

Have you googled

esp8266 ws1812 blynk

Do you just want to turn the LED strip ON and OFF, or control its colour and brightness?
Ops diag.

Tom.. :slight_smile:

To turn the LED strip ON and OFF
each Arduino output pin is designed to be downloaded with its own programed sketch
so each output pin will be connected to it's own relay designated channel (output)
& controlled via blynk
will be using 4 channels relay (or mofsets transistors) i just thought it is beneficial to add a relay channel for the pawer supply so it's not always on
is it better to use relay or mofsets transistors

i just thought it is beneficial to add a relay channel for the pawer supply so it's not always on

Just turn the LEDs off, that is set them to black, removing the power yet still providing a data signal will damage an addressable strip.