wiring up a win bond SPI Flash memory?

hello a friend of mine gave me a couple of Win bond Flash memory chips a 32M-bit and a 64M-bit. I'm trying to wire it up and have some fun learning because i never did flash memory before. But i ran into a problem trying to figure out a datasheet here. On page 6 I think for the most part i figure it out But some pins i couldn't

So what i figure out is here.

Pin 1: CS - D10
Pin 2: IO1 - Miso D12
Pin 3: WP - Write protect i guess that goes to ground.
Pin 4: GND - Ground minus
Pin 5: IO0 - Mosi D11
Pin 6: CLK - clock D13
Pin 7: Hold/Reset - Not sure what to do with that.
Pin 8: VCC - 3.3v +

Not sure if anyone else has used this type of Win bond chip or a Flash chip like this one. I need some help. not sure what else to do so I'm stuck. Can someone please help me.

Assuming you have configured the IC for the normal (typical) SPI interaction, then since Hold and Reset are active low, connect those to voltage (aka VCC) if you don't plan to use those features.