wiring vfd module.

Hi all

I have a VFD module that i would like to interface to my arduino

and am having some trouble working out what to attach where. i know that it is a serial interface so something similar to the SerialLCD library should give me access to the text part of the lcd.

i still have the original power source, so powering the lcd + arduino will be no problem.

im hoping that the labelling on the pcb will be of some use to someone :)

pictures as follows

from what i can understand

the ic controls up to 4 LED's as well as 6 buttons. will i have access to these buttons to use within my program?


and i think this may be considered a datasheet? it is quite hard to follow after google translate tries to make it english.


thanks for anyone who finds time to help

edit: sorry about the missing thumbnails, imageshack having problems i think