wiring with arduino ide

hello, I have arduino, and wiring, need to use more pins (building sanguino!), but also would like to use my wiring with the arduino ide (to use the libraries etc. how can this be done? tnx

The sanguino has more pins and uses the arduino ide and libraries.

what help do you need?

The Wiring hardware has 43 Digital pins, 8 analogs, Sanguino, 32 total general purpose I/O pins, 8 analogs as far as i know,,,

The Mega has gobs (or, for those on the metric system, approximately 3.2 oodles) of I/O pins. and is available from several suppliers of Arduino products.

tnx, the problem is that in my country they dont sell the atmega 1280 only the one for the sanguino, and I happen to have the wiring, and the interest to know how to include another AVR chip to the arduino library