Wiriting custom I2C commands to comunicate with ADC

I made a board using the atmega328p-au (the processor found on arduino nano) and the ADS1219 which is a 24 bit Sigma Delta ADC. It uses I2C to communicate with the MCU. Data sheet linked below:

I don't have much experience with writing I2C commands myself, so I was wondering if you can help me.
The timing diagrams and register maps are included in the datasheet. It would be great if you can help me code them in the arduino. I'm not looking for a complete solution because I know that will take a lot of time, but an example of how I should set up the timing, select the slave address, change the bits in the desired register, etc

It would also be great if you can also help me convert it into a library so other people can use it as well. many thanks!

I'm sure there are arduino libraries already posted on-line, for some of the ads12xx family members, like ads1232. Though it 'd be good start, changing couple bytes in command format if necessary.