Wish to buy: Wiimote Pixart

I'm interested in buying a tested and assembled version of the Pixart to FIVE VOLT Arduino IR blob detector described at...


If you have the time, skill, and energy, please get in touch?

ng10066504jan FRED yahoo. MARY

Change first name to the usual "at" thing, and the second to co.uk... anti spam stuggle!... and please use subject line "Pixart Interface".

(The device looks cool... it is like a small, lo-res webcam, but instead of returning an image, it returns the coordinates (x,y) of the brightest "blobs" in its view. There's a video of the beast in action at the page quoted above... but understand that the image on the screen is generated from very sparse data.... the Pixart is not DIRECTLY sending the image you see on the screen to the computer running the screen.)