Wishield and Xbee questions

What exacly difference betwen this 2 shields ?

The Xbee can conect with another xbee via pc - xbee or - xbee-xbee right ? It does a wifi mesh ( i have the 2.5 version )

The Wishield conect to pc via a regular wifi ( my home wifi ) ?

How to choose one wifi shiel or another ?

My project :

I making a robot with some sensors and will be controled by a Android Smartphone. I have 2 xbee to do the job, but can be easly changed to a wishield if its better.

2 step is aply the knowledge of sensor and android controlling arduino to a home automotation w/ low cost.

I'm thinking about controlling leds/maps and how much energy the house use and temps, and send messages to android to "you" to know that you forgot the TV on and this kind of thing .... not so easy stuff =/

But i'm beginner in arduino and i have a programmer and a automation engineer working with me.

Well the difference between the two shields is just as you explained, one is for connections to Wifi, which could be any Wifi connection you're allowed to connect to. The Xbee shield requires another XBEE (or multiple depending on the setup) to speak to.

If you're trying to control it by a Smartphone, you'll need to use Wifi as they're not capable of sending the signals needed for XBEE. (Although you could have a separate Xbee and USB shield hooked up to a computer and a program written to accept commands from the internet and send them via XBEE.)

You'd be better off tackling each solution one at a time, then add them all together at the end, or you'll find yourself smashing your head on your keyboard a few hours in. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Arduino and best of luck! (2 steps forward, 1 step backwards is the step to progress! lol:))

I have 2 xbee, one atached to usb and other atached on arduino mega.

In this way is a server-based (pc ) control over smartphone. To do it directly i think its need to use bluetooth, right ? But bluetooth has not a long range and use all battery.

How to send command via a website to xbee ? There is any easy way to comunicate the site with arduino compiler ?

How to send command via a website to xbee ?

Serial.print(), Serial.println(), or Serial.write().

There is any easy way to comunicate the site with arduino compiler ?

Not even a hard way.

Right, i get it !

Thanks a lot for the help =]