WiShield with TouchOSC

Hi I just got my Arduino mega working whit touchosc. I'm connecting directly to my ipod touch and can receive the messages from my ipod, but what I'm wandering is if any one has managed to send messages to TouchOSC successfully.
Im using the OSCTest example code from https://github.com/bzztbomb/WiShieldOSC, although the link is now dead. There was also a second example OSCsendTest and just want to know if any one has successfully made the OSCsendTest code work.
I'm still new to Arduino so any thing that might help me would be much appreciated
Thanks Jake

Hi Jakibieman. First of all, I apologize cuz my English is very bad... Do you want connect your iPod Touch with TouchOSC and that message is interpreted by arduino?¿ if you want this, Processing will need to make an intermediary between TouchOSC and Arduino. I have examples if you want, I have some made ??by me.

I hope I have helped.

Good luck!!

hey thanks for the reply,I have already successfully connected ipod(touch osc) with arduino via wishield 2.0 without the need for Processing, so it can be done without the need for a computer. So thats not a problem, what I am trying to do is to somehow send messages to the ipod via the wishield, for example,If a sensor is triggered it will send a message to the ipod to turn a led on, on TouchOSC,or change the position of a fader on touchosc

Ok Jakibieman. Sorry but I never work with wishield and I don't know how you can send message to iPod...

Good luck! and if you get two devices communicate, upload the information as it would be helpful for all!!


K so I have had a couple replies from people who are looking for the libraries so I have attached the original from github and one thats modified for the mega, just google “wishield with arduino mega” and it will tell you how to connect it if you are using the Mega. If anyone has made progress sending back to TouchOSC from arduino, please share as there are many of us who does not have the programing skills to do this, any hints will be much appreciated.

bzztbomb-WiShieldOSC-6827a35.zip (158 KB)

WiShield_Mega_2560.rar (141 KB)