Witch arduino would be the best for this application?

I have a motorcycle with double headlights, and double daylight running light (DRL)

The DRL is white as standard
I want to remove the standard light, and put 1 led strip of 20 leds in each DRL

when the ignition turns on, I want a nightrider sequence in white or rainbow color one or two times, then white come on.

if I put the turn signal on, I want the 20 led strip, turn amber in a sequential mode until I turn it off, and then it goes back to white DRL

witch arduino would I use ?
Arduino uno ?
Arduino nano
Arduino micro

other ?

and how should the code look like ?

all help is grateful

For coloured LEDs you're best of with Neopixels, any board can control those.
For compact easy to use I would go for the Micro. 32U4 is easier to work with than 328.
For switching the big lights you will need some high-power circuit, a relay or mosfet.

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