With FT232BM crystal oscillator is required/option

Does anybody know if the FT232BM usb to serial converter chip requires the 6Mhz crystal oscillator to be connected or it can work without an external oscillator? I made one without the external oscillator and I am getting "the usb device malfunctioned" when connected to the usb port. Anyone else had this problem? How to solve it.

Thanks in advance.

The FT232B requires an oscillator, the later FT2323R has an internal clock and runs just fine on it's own. Additionally, the FT232B requires a 1K5 resistor from RSTOUT# to USB-DP. The recommended con fig also includes resistors between USB-Dx and the USB port as well as one between VCCIO and AVCC.

Thanks for the information spiffed. :)