WizFi 210 and PN532 NFC shield

I am trying to use both the shileds simultaneously

Adafruit PN532 NFC Sheild

and Wiznet WiFi shield WiZFi 210


Both the shiels works independently

PN532 uses I2C interface
Wizfi uses SPI
the moment I include Wire.h header file
the Wizfi shield does not work and it prints junk characters in the serial

I have not connected the PN532 shield
I use only the Wizfi shield and uses one of the examples of Basic server test

without the wire.h it works
I have not changed any any line of the wizfi code but for the # include <Wire.h>
Any help

I have no experience with SPI and I2C in the same code, but WizFi 210 has UART, too. Maybe you could use it instead of SPI. I have a number of projects where I use both hardware UART, Software Serial, and I2C off a single Atmel chip, or off Arduino Mega 2560 or Pro Mini 328.