Wizfi Shield wizfi210

Hi everybody,

I have bought a wizfi210 and an arduino uno rev 3

I have just cliped the shield on the arduino.

If the shield is not on the board, I can blink the arduino and it works, or when the shield is on the board, the blink doesn't work and I get this error: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0xdc

I know that the shield works because the power led is on. What's more, using the serial monitor, I achieved to connect the wizfi210 on my wifi connection with a WPA password.

The questions are: how can I transfer my code in the board with the shield??
how can I send a data in a database on my internet site?

Thank you a lot! best regards


Which shield are you using? The WizFi 210 module has four ports to communicate with the MCU, and different shields might use different WizFi module port. SainSmart shield, for example, uses UART (serial) as Uno-WizFi link. This prevents Uno from communicating with your PC, because Uno-PC connection uses the same port. If this is the case with your shield, too, then program the Uno without the WiFi shield, then disconnect from PC, (unplug the power if you are powering the Uno from external power supply, too), connect the shield, and power Uno, but do not connect Uno to PC while the WiFi shield is attached.