Wiznet Ethernet controller is very hot

I am using Arduino Ethernet Shield compatible with mega with Arduino UNO R3. After place all the pins on the same sockets (i.e Arduino ethernet and UNO digital ,Analog and other pins). I starts my arduino uno through usb jack. and runs the program "blink" . my wiznet ethernet controller becomes hot in few seconds . i don't understand why it gets hot. i remove the usb cable which gives power to both . and check the pin out ..of both Arduino UNO R3 & Ethernet Shield compatible with mega .. but there is no short connection in any of the pins .. can any one guide me what should i do to get save my arduino Shield from burn. Thanks!

Does the Arduino get hot when u use it on it's own?

Don't plug in the shield, but connect power to it from the 5V and GND pins from the Arduino. Connect the Arduino to the USB port. See if the shield still gets hot.

The next thing I would do is connect the shield to the Arduino with Dupont cables. First only connect 1 header at a time and try to figure out which header causes the shield to get hot.

If a single header does not cause the heat, start connecting multiple headers in sequence.

I think you shout get the drift of what I am suggesting.

yes . thanks for your advice … i will tell you the results as soon as possible

@aisc.. i connect my arduino's UNO gnd and 5v to ethernet shield ... the wiznet ethernet controller get hot again as previously

mY Arduino Uno Board doesn't get hot ..when i use it alone ..(when not connect to ethernet module)..i think there is some problem in my ethernet board !

Well if only power to the Ethernet shield makes it get hot, I would suggest there is a problem with the board and in particular with the power circuit. Rather than waste precious time trying to fix it, it would be better to exchange it for a new one.

If you cannot exchange it we can try some basic trouble shooting.