WIZnet IIM7010A - fit or not?


my idea is, to build ethernet shield, connect wireless router to it, power wireless router on bateries and make cheap wireless arduino, when i said cheap i meant cheap, couse i have almost all those things at home :wink: after that...i'll make php webpage to control arduino and read data from it, or write C# program....i dont know yet, i'm not there yet.
oh, i'm using arduino diecimila atmega168

ok, here's the thing i want to build Ethernet shield. the one with wiznet module.
the problem is, i want to build that, becouse i have wiznet module at home, but i have WIZnet IIM7010A based on W3100A chip. but this shield is based on WIZnet 811MJ based on W5100 chip.

so my question is: can it be done with my module or do i need to buy another module or build ethernet shield?


i would be really happy if anyone can help me with this, couse thats my project for school. i said i will do an arduino project, but i really want to make a good impression on the professor.

please, please, i really need your help guys :frowning: