Wiznet w5500 are reset and interrupt pins important?

im planning to use the wiznet w5500 like this one


and would like to know what are the functions of the reset and interrupt pins. Im runnong low on GPIO and looking for where i can remove some pins?

If they are important, do i need to have a pull resistor on them as they seem to be active low or do they already have one built in

Having no intention to be nosy, arrogant or so, I ask You to dig up the data sheet. They usually contain an application section telling things like that. Read the spec! You will not understand every parameter but surly You will find some useful information. Specs contain facts, not opinions...
That was my option starting with electronics 45 years ago.

Problem is, the example codes that i have looked into aduinos example codes it dont use the interrupt and reset pins (hence i asked if they really are important). you can see why on the schematics of the ethernet shield the int pin is basically just pulled up and not connected to anything else

The datasheet also seems to have no clear section for it, only some registry stuff that should be handled internally.

adding to the fact a "great contributor" on the wiznet forum said it seems to be not so popular.

i just want to hear more opinions as i myself have not yet recieved my ws5500 to actually try them out

To use interrupts You really need knowledge. It's not a miracle medicin to be used hastily by novice programmers.
Accessing the reset.... Sounds like a task for watchdog thinking. I could think of an external retrigger able flip flopp that would activate reset if the F F is not kicked in time.

The Reset pin is useful during initialization. It allows you to start the Wiznet from default configuration at start-up. If not used by the libraries, it's okay to skip the interrupt line, but personally, using them with the correct library makes your code cleaner and more responsive. Allows you to put the MCU to sleep too.

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