wiznet wiring

Can someone point me to information on how to wire up a wiznet wiz810mj/811/812 to arduino? I would like to do some simple testing without having to get a shield at this point.

Here's the schematic for rev 2 a shield I made for the wiznet module. You can probably ignore the traansistor circuit in the middle-right nd just tie SPI_EN high (although you can't use the SPI bus for anything else). A standard arduino (NG, Diecimilla) does not supply enough current on the 3.3V output to drive it, hence the voltage regulator.


link http://www.eng.uah.edu/~jdw/avr/wiz_shield_rev2.png

Wow, thank you!
That is not the pinout for the atmega168 though, correct? Those pins do not seem to match up with the pin diagram I have for the amtega168. Just making sure, thanks.

The pins on the left are the two Wiznet module connectors. On the right are the arduino pin assignments - I have an arduino part in my eagle library for making shields.

There's a pin map on the arduino site to map from arduino pins to ATmega pins, or you can use the names on the schematic above with the ATmega168 datasheet to map the ATmega pins.