wondering able upload without disconnect the RX and TX wires bluetooth

the Arduino said " YOU CANNOT USE BLUETOOTH WIRELESS TO UPLOAD PROGRAMS TO THE BOARD. YOU ALSO NEED TO DISCONNECT THE RX AND TX WIRES FROM THE BLUETOOTH MODEM WHILE YOU UPLOAD. " Is there other way is use the switch to turn off before to upload? because I have to reconnect and disconnect wires every time.

What is your best suggest ?

ironheartbj18: What is your best suggest ?

Learn to live with it.

The "problem" is caused by the serial connection cable and Bluetooth sharing the same pins (D0,D1). which is the hardware serial port

lesser options are:

  1. Get a Mega. This has four hardware serial ports, thereby allowing you to put bluetooth on Serial1, pins D18,D19

  2. Install a switch in the power supply to bluetooth and fiddle with that instead

  3. Use Software Serial, thereby allowing you to use bluetooth on different pins.