Wondering if anyone can help taking codes out

First of all hi. I’m very new at coding but I did have a kicka** myspace at one time lol jk. So im building a led hula hoop for my wife. I’m usinng lpd8806 and a arduino micro. I got the code finally updated with the new arduino coding and it says its to big. what im trying to achieve is to get rid of the irremote and I do believe there is a compass/motion coding in it also. I just want it to play the patterns when it turns on. Is this achievable or do I just need to go back to the drawing board and use the lpd8806 examples?
thanks in advance.
could not post code so I attached the file

Galaxy.ino (205 KB)

Wow! That is a galactically big Arduino sketch.

You really need to strip out the stuff that you aren't using. It might be easier to start again and carefully add things one at a time until you get the results you want.

Are you using Serial? Comment-out or delete every single Serial.anything() and then it won't include the Serial library functions. This can save a useful amount of space.

The compiler is surprisingly clever at optimising your code. You can have a lot of gigantic functions in there and if you don't call them, it won't compile them into the finished program. I'm not sure how it does this when all the functions are in the one file.

Thanks for the reply. yeah the code is huge. Im going to start taking it apart or try my best haha

:smiley: Im 4k bytes away from making it fit. Does anyone see anything that is taking up memory that I don’t need? I’ve been cutting code out all night. I feel I’m so close but so far haha

goood_hoop.ino (125 KB)

Its going to be fun and games once you get this compiling and fixing runtime bugs.

#define dark golden rod 0xB8860B

This doesn’t do what you think it does.

Also its really hard to read, when you do get it compiling and you look back over the code to see where the runtime bugs are coming from and your greeted with a block like this:

 b = (fxVars[2][2] > 0) ?
  (255L + (numPixels * fxVars[2][2] / fxVars[2][1])) *
    tCounter / transitionTime - (numPixels * fxVars[2][2] / fxVars[2][1]) :
  (255L - (numPixels * fxVars[2][2] / fxVars[2][1])) *
    tCounter / transitionTime;
  for(x=0; x<numPixels; x++) {
    y = x * fxVars[2][2] / fxVars[2][1] + b; // y=mx+b, fixed-point style
    if(y < 0) alphaMask[x] = 0;
    else if(y >= 255) alphaMask[x] = 255;
    else alphaMask[x] = (byte)y;

lmfao at golden rod. I didnt even see that. Well I finally got it shrunk down to fit but when i upload it nothing happens. does anyone see where I left something out or what code is blocking it? thanks so much. This is for my wifes bday and times are rough as always, so I thought I could build her a hoop. I really did think this would be pretty easy haha ::)

Whoever wrote that code was either a sadist (if he planned to release it) or a masochist (if it was for his own use).

That’s harder to read than the code I write when nobody is looking!

I should probably abort mission huh haha

the code was wrote for a hula hoop company that closed and they released their code to everyone afterwards.