Woody Box

No doubts Steve Wozniak, at the beginning of Apple, did prettier woodworking, but hey ? I was able to hit all nails with the hammer, without hitting my fingers: I made progress.

it's a woody box with a pretty old CRT tube inside, just 1 bit of color and CGA timing, certainly it's a '34 wagon, they just call it "a woody …" no doubts there are so many things about that enclosure that to me scream "hAllo, I am a 1979 computer hobbyist".

I am looking for a few tips, especially about replacing the plexiglass with smoked or tinted one. It needs a tint so the tube is invisible, something the table from the movie TRON legacy, and I'd like replace the bolts with something more appealing. Stainless Steel or chromed.

The VDU (Video Display Unit) side will be developed with a combination of FPGA and Arduino1 in order to realize a sort of VT220 terminal.

Guys, your tips & tricks are the welcome =)

What does "no dubs" mean?

Nice 70's retro look by the way.

"no doubts". Thanks to the option of completing words or forms by a shorthand method on the basis of what has been typed before, however sometimes it looks like a careless mistake