word hyphenation - why?

Has there been a recent change to the website to hyphenate words at the right edge. :~

I've noticed some really poor instances. This seems cute, but, word wrap is so much easier to read.

Yes, I noticed that. It seems a lot of effort for little gain.

I noticed it for the first time today, I find it annoying as hyphenations to a dyslexic make it 10 times more difficult to read.

The annoying thing about it is, for me, that as I type I suddenly see a hyphen appear, and assume I mis-hit a key (which does happen from time to time) and then backspace to "correct" it, only to find the hyphen disappear, and then reappear again as I type.

I really don't think that the edit box needs to be hyphenated on-the-fly. It's cute, now let's get rid of it.

Not only in the edit box, it now also resides in the end result, but in a different place of the sentence (makes it hard if not impossible to predict where it will end up). It's even much worse when it is going to do it's thing in posts in an other than the English language. Just get rid of it, please.