WordPress API

Because I own a domain that is hosted via HostGator, I am forever trying to investigate if this site can be used to one day display data feeds generated by my Arduino project. Because I am so new to Arduino, coding languages and getting the project on the web, I can only go at the speed of researching key words I find as I go. So my research approach is to burn the candle from both ends with hopes of learning more, faster. Archived Arduino.cc posts lead me to look into API services like Temboo, ThingSpeak and xively, but I am finding that all of these services are limited in scope and accessibility and can only be updated once every so often so not to overload their own server. A closer look at API and how to find one that will work for the IoT purpose, REST APIs were popping out at me in my studies so I spent a few days seeing where that tangent lead. Come to find out that WordPress has quite a few plugins, some of which offer varying levels of intractability, but APIs none the less. Also found that in the WP-API plugin, authentication protocols verify the user, which I assume for the sake of this discussion will one day be an Arduino.

When looking at the descriptive language of this plugin, when used with Oauth/2, the same credentials needed to use Temboo and ThingSpeak are generated such as ID, URL and API Key. I gotta admit, for the most part I don't have a clue what I'm looking at, I am more or less just faking it till I hopefully can make it. With that said, I am running thin on terms to search to keep this initiative moving forward, I still can't help that I am close to something major, but my illiteracy to this topic is hindering me from progress.

I was hoping this thread might generate some discussion that can help me get my understanding up to date with hopes that I can find my way in this topic. The plugins I already have installed include;

*JetPack - which has JSON-API
*OAUTH - to authenticate the user

I can't help but feel that these plugins, when used together should be able to produce a result in the right direction. I hope anyone can add to this topic, if only at least to give me new search topics to investigate.