Work around required for none opening Arduino IDE

I download the IDE from Download with or without Java in my machine and it will not run; the green splash screen loads and then nothing for 1 minute when a message box appears saying "A error occured while starting the application", 'end of'.

OS: Windows 8.1 RAM: 6 Gb Computer Family: Fujitsu Life Book IDE's Attempted: 1.0.5 & 1.0.6 & 1.5.7. & Adafruit (Requires Java) 1.05 & Arduino_ERW_1.0.5_20130524_no-java All tried with and without Java installed.

Is there a work around

Chris S.

Check this links for reference. How can you use IDE with windows 8.Let me know if any error

I thank you for the interest shown but unfortunately all of the information pointed to is, for the greater part at least, aimed at those having difficulty in getting their boards to work. My problem in fact precedes all that; for instance:

Arduino speak as the following: 2 | Download the Arduino environment Get the latest version from the download page. When the download finishes, unzip the downloaded file. Make sure to preserve the folder structure. Double-click the folder to open it. There should be a few files and sub-folders inside. 3 | Connect the board The Arduino Uno, Mega, Duemilanove and Arduino Nano automatically draw power from either the USB connection to the computer or an external power supply[/font][/color] They speak here as though it is a foregone conclusion that anybody should remotely have trouble in running the IDE. But little old me does; one heck of a lot.

The trouble that I have is that when the download is installed, the IDE refuses, point blank, to open.

So the help that I require comes before all of the help offered in those dissertations.

I am appreciative of your desire to help. If you know of any reason why the installed Arduino will not run just once and never I would be very appreciative, Cheers, Chris S.

Are you using the EXE or the ZIP version of the file? I have never used the installer version and zip has always worked fine for me. Maybe your anti-virus/malware is blocking something or if you have the full version of java installed it is messing with the inline version in the full install. Certainly the zip install should not need any administrator rights access and should run as limited user (nothing pops up for me on Vista & 7).

I had a bit of trouble installing the IDE using the exe file with the desktop. Windows 8.1 pops up a little window warning that the program wants to make changes to your computer. You're meant to click on "accept", but the window doesn't appear on top. It shows up behind the other open windows or some hidden spot I couldn't find the first time. Eventually I found the window to "accept" the changes and the installed worked. (It took me 3 attempts or so).

Then as a separate step, I used the "store" and searched for Arduino app with the Start screen (non-desktop). I installed that as well. I'm not sure if this was an essential step or not, but Windows 8.1 is new to me and I was kicking the tires to see how it worked.

I had a similar sort of issue upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Updates to Windows 8.1 had to be installed twice. Once with the desktop and once with the start screen. Maybe it's a Windows 8.1 oddity.

You didn't say if you were using the app store / start screen approach or the desktop approach. Try the other one or perhaps both.


Here is a screen shot of my File manager for all the downloads;

Hope I have declared the jpg properly for viewing if not then it is Adafruit Zip Arduino 1.0.5 Zip Arduino 1.0.6 EXE Arduino 1.5.7. EXE. jre-7u67-windows-i586 (1) EXE

ALL Many, Many times and all with and without Java although most will only download when Java is installed including ERW which professes to run without Java and i f you haven't got Java installed then the prog's won't run/start.

Cheers, Chris S

Hi MrsCrossRoads,

Tried all you proffered but to no avail I'm afraid; only got one message box up while installing and that was on the Windows exe file installation asking me to allow it which of course I did.

Thanks for your help, Cheers, ChrisPSR

Dera Riva,

Many thanks for your help which was similar and a precedent to MrsCrossRoads dissertation. I tried really hard to carry out the instructions to the full, whether I did or did not we can't be sure but the action carried out proved of no use. You got close to talking of "JAVA"; do you h ave any information regarding what Java is necessary,, unnecessary or simply which is just too much for Arduino good. Currently I have installed the Java 8 update 20 64 bit & Java SE Development Kit Update 20 64 bit: Described here just as copied from the Programs & Features Windows program.

The Java mystery thickened when I downloaded Arduino_ERW stated to not use Java and so prior to installing I removed all Java from my machine and used C-Clean to clear up my registry files, however just as the installation commenced it was halted and I was told that ERW., requires at least Java 1.7 (? or some such) in order to install, at which time it stopped and bailed out. Curious - very curious - I thought.

Cheers, Chris S.

The file you tried to install does need a version of Java to work. The no_java on the end of the filename means it does not have java files included in the download (making the download file smaller) and relies on the user already having a version of Java installed.

The only thing I could suggest is you remove all previous installs of Arduino IDE and ALL java SDK's and updates just in case they are effecting the installed IDE. Download the zip file version of the current Arduino IDE from here and extract the zip file to a folder. The downloaded zip includes an *internal version of Java for running the IDE and should work fine without having a full version of Java installed. Once the zip is extracted navigate to the extract folder and open the arduino.exe If that does not work then I can only assume the problem is with 8.1, file access permissions or some other software like anti-virus, anti-malware running in the background and preventing the IDE from launching/running. You could also try running the arduino.exe in compatibility mode (if Windows 8 still has such an option).


I did exactly as you suggested (I believe) and allso carried out one or two other operations which I deemed might be of help. I will describe those here and perhaps Sir you would be good enough to offer your considered opinion.

Firstly I downloaded the IDE from your link and installed that download on to my HD., D;\ Firstly: I deleted all visible Java programs using Windows Programs and Features I then deleted all existing Arduino IDE's including the hung over lib and java files Secondly: I turned off: a] Windows Firewall and prior to that blocked all incoming programs and data on both Private and Public networks. b] Windows Firewall - Private c] Windows Firewall - Public d] Windows Defender. ( I do not run any other protection). After downloading the Zipped IDE a] I ran C-Clean 4 times until it read "No issues were found". b] Then I opened the Arduino Zipped files held at C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino into the same location Then restarted the computer before running the IDE. The IDE failed to start beyond the Green Arduino Splash.

Is there anything there please that might have been done better or ordered differently.

I am very grateful for your help, I remain, yours, Chris S

The only thing I can suggest is as you have a D: drive, download and extract the zip to that drive and run the arduino.exe from that folder on D: Don't put it in C:\Program Files (x86) as I think you can get file permission errors with programs in that folder. AFAIK the zip version of the IDE is self contained and the only files it writes external to itself are the Arduino sketch folder (normally in My Documents) and the preference folder/file stored in your logon accounts AppData\Roaming\Arduino folder. This may be different on 8.1. Other than this I have run out of ideas. I don't think you need to disable the Firewall and Defender though but try without first.

Riva, Thanks for t hat I will do that and let you know when completed in about 6hrs time. Many thanks, Chris S

I am sad to report that the program still does not start after doing all you suggest however there is a difference and that is that the IDE., starts by displaying the Arduino Green splash but then almost immediately it disappears and does not provide a warning box of any kind.

I had to switch off Windows Firewall during the zip download as it was not going to allow some file download and asked me to "Skip" that file and probably those similar; switching off Win., FW allowed it/them to be downloaded. I have tried running the program with Java and without Java with Windows FW., off and on; I have Arduino.exe in the list of allowed programs.

What the heck is causing this to happen is certainly not obvious. I would have thought that there must be others suffering similarly but that doesn't really seem to be position..

So, once more I thank you for your input and I am sorry that I wasn't able to pull the rabbit out of the hat, Cheers, Chris

I have run out of ideas to offer you now. I can only think it's an oddity with 8.1 (though I would expect more than just you to have this problem), something corrupt with your 8.1 install or something else on the system stopping the IDE from working.

Dear Peter & Riva,

Don’t ask me exactly how but through both of your somewhat similar helps and with Riva’s extended persuasiveness I have Arduino _ERW_1.0.5 fully working.

It was accomplished following the modus presented here:
First of all the zipped file of Arduino 1.0.6 was installed on my D: disk [this is an extension of my partitioned C: drive] while windows FW., was turned off. This though in fact failed to run merely providing the splash page for about 2 secs and then retiring from sight for good.
Secondly I left 1.0.6 alone and installed; I shut down Win., FW; then I let Arduino 1.0.5 ERW go in free fall as it were where it installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\Arduino ERW 1.0.5. Following that installation I clicked the Arduino Start Icon, result Nowt!. I then opened a copy of File Explorer and was looking at where this program was actually installed, OK, so I verified that it had put it into it’s own new file structure in Program Files and then clisked the red X to collapse File Explorer and low and behold behind it was the Arduino IDE., running and showing the new file format of Setup & Loop.

My surprise was taken up with my determination never to shut down this edition of the IDE. However I did and to cut a very long story short I found that the Sketchbook location wanted a bit of tweaking, some files required their titles making contiguous with underscores, another “New File” had crept in and when all was corrected it runs exactly as it should and quickly just as Riva said his did in Win 8.1.

So you guys, I’m not going to bother you for a while at least I hope. Thanks very much for all your persuasiveness in keeping me at it. Cheers and God bless.


Riva: I have run out of ideas to offer you now. I can only think it's an oddity with 8.1 (though I would expect more than just you to have this problem), something corrupt with your 8.1 install or something else on the system stopping the IDE from working.

Riva & Peter,

Found out the true reason for all the shananaking that went on in my various attempts to load the Arduino IDE on to my computer.

My Libraries and sketchbook files had become very badly contaminated and I am not completely sure which was stopping the programs from loading but at a guess I would say that it was "Libraries" that were causing the programs to halt as it had, as a part of the contamination, program files within it and not those of which you expect to see the light of day without a considerable amount of digging. So how it happened, Gawd only knows. I certainly do not; as for a trojan well I have not had notice of it by Microsoft who I use to guard the contents. Anyway that was definitely it as when I removed the files completely from the installations that wouldn't run, they ran. Reintroduction of those files caused it to stop functioning. Just thought that you would like to know incase it ever happens to you. Tried all other installations, simply for the knowledge and found that they all worked/ran with the edited Sketchbook and Library files.

Cheers and thanks, Chris Chris

Glad you managed to sort it out in the end. In future I will know to ask the arduino folder is empty/deleted.

No; it doesn't seem to be that as I cleaned out all the files religiously each time I attempted to load the IDE. I even made sure that each time, I shut down and restarted in order for me to be able to delete the " Arduino exe, java and bin" files that "uninstall" fails to do in the arduino setup files and all on a second visit. It also must beborn in mind that when manually uninstalling Mr., Oracle or Mr., Windows won't allow an administrator to delete the java and bin files until it follows a restart. I also made sure that the preferences files either in my user files or for 1.5.7 in the "lib" file were deleted firstly.

It seems rather to be that there must be a memory file in an unidentifiable form [at least to me] which acts as a "pointer" file as well for the preferences indexing of where various files are located in computer memory, something like you get with variables in "C#" as I always found that the next loading of the Arduino IDE all following all of the actions stated that it new in its 'new' prefcerences file where I kept my previous Sketchbook and even my backup of Sketchbook even though it is called "Sketchies". Both my Sketchbook & Sketchies hold the Library files also.

So the remedy lies in finding that clever BUUUUGGR out there that knows where this secret or pointer file lies and perhaps more to the point................................."What's it called M_A_T_E_Y". The other option is to delete your Sketchbook and back up file having renamed and repositioned them in your computer, which regrettably at this point in time I never did, it was ERW's aptitude that allowed me to recognise and find the problem..................................perhaps, as we all know what magic we can from time to time perform in our own program writings we should be as scretetive as MR., ARDUINO seems to be, or is that wicked uncle ORACLE once more that couldn't operate on ERW., but could on the java implicated setups..

Once more thanks for your help and especially for the encouragement and ERW., knowledge that you have provided, Cheers, Chris