Work to date

Here is my current list - 12/12/20

  1. Alert counter bug (non pop up).
    Initial cause unknown but mitigating actions being tried in test forum.
    Possible fix to deploy
    Deployed primary fix secondary needs more work. Three points of contact for this bug.
    Reporter, Post, Report.
    ( Ongoing. )
    See this post also

  2. Random redirect to main forum landing page
    ( awaiting action )
    Maybe due to SSO refresh / token issues … on hold
    Probably part of AUTH0 issues which are being investigated.
    (mostly mitigated)

  3. Quote bug. (Sterretje variety)
    ( awaiting action )
    Non actionable due to rare character bug.
    ( N.F.A.)

  4. Alert Pop UP bug. (browser notification)
    Awaiting action
    (mostly mitigated)

  5. Macros for mods {FR}
    Actioned and awaiting mod feedback.
    Currently 8 macros available <<<
    Testing ongoing awaiting clearance to deploy.

  6. Inline pics. {FR} - see also (9)
    When a user “attaches” a picture they have to go through more steps to make it viewable.
    Once the forum has safely seen the pic it should self insert.
    ( awaiting action )
    Actioned and deployed

  7. One shot re-direct ) {FR}
    For noobs a one shot re-direct to a readme on registration.
    ( Investigating move up to next actionable shortly)
    (In testing phase)
    (Awaiting final draft copy)
    DEPLOYED to main forum for final testing
    EDIT all users will get their first redirect on first post - no matter how many posts they have. This is to avoid slowing down the system but should happen only ONCE per user.

  8. All moderator levels to be able to access moderator section.
    Some section specific moderators are unable to view the Moderator section.
    ( Actioned )
    (moved up to discussion phase)
    (mostly mitigated 28/10/2020)

  9. Put image tags around valid images. (Crossroads) {FR}
    Would need to read “ATTACHMENT” list to pick up JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.
    ( Awaiting action )
    Actioned and under test almost ready for deployment to main forum.
    See #6

  10. Put code tags around code. (Crossroads) {FR}
    Would need to parse post for at least two or more consecutive terms specific to a sketch.
    ( Awaiting action )
    Action declined due to extensive work needed NFA.

  11. Correct quote tags to code tags. (Crossroads) {FR}
    Would need to parse post for at least two or more consecutive terms specific to a sketch AND change quote to code tags.
    ( Awaiting action )

  12. Put and/or correct url tags around website tags. (Crossroads) {FR}
    Would need to parse post for a VALID URL and also be able to check against a blacklist.
    Secondary use as a spam filter if linked to AUTH0 ?

  13. Make first post locked / or non editable after 1 day (ref) Please make posts uneditable after 1 day · Issue #264 · arduino/forum-issues · GitHub {FR}
    Forum vandalism is a common issue and makes any answers useless if the OP has deleted the contents of the first post.
    ( awaiting action )

  14. Restrict ability to post to messages older than 120 days (or maybe some other period ) to those with more than 100 posts or the OP. {FR}
    Common issue is NECRO posting and almost exclusively by noobs to older posts many time with the OP of that post not even a member of the forum any more. Side benefit would avoid spammers also using old posts they think would go under the radar.
    ( investigating)
    Partly deployed for REPLY only
    (TESTING including quick reply)

  15. Re-enable toolbar for portable apple devices in WYSIWYG editor
    Actioned and undergoing tests should deploy by next week.
    (DEPLOYED awaiting feedback from Arduino employee tester)

  16. Merge bug where some pictures are lost as links seem to get broken
    Will try to move this one UP the To-Do list on Monday as it is starting to be a pain and the broken posts don’t help 7.9.20
    ( investigating )
    may be partly mitigated by item 9
    Not yet fixed fully

  17. User email password ease of change functions to be verified and repaired if needed.
    Asked for user settings to be made available PRIOR to any work.
    Q&D method adopted to get to profile in testing area.
    INTERNAL Testing to follow.

  18. See reply #98 #99 Users with this level of engagement often provide the most reports for spam as well as more detail. It would be a good PR move and option to remove the limit for them and maybe achieve faster spam reporting.
    (awaiting action)

  19. Quicker method to view your own posts to aid in topic flow.
    Currently it involves multiple steps.
    Having an icon or a quick link of some description to jump directly to your posts would be beneficial to many users.

  20. Set toolbar as viewable from first use for all inc noobs.
    (awaiting action)
    (awaiting confirmation that it was resolved from github)

  21. Check how many BCC are allowed in PM’s and look to adding a mass mail to a select group.
    Stems from PM’ing other moderators which needs multiple PM’s.
    BCC also shows others in the list so should simply be a CC
    (awaiting action)
    (use newsletter method working but slow) 28/10/2020

  22. Re-enable the @user function.
    Cannot remember the last time this worked but it should be linked to the QUOTE function.
    (awaiting action)
    disabled temporarily in main forum

  23. fix URL prefix / suffix issue in DEV and PROD
    (actioned deployed a fix)

  24. Fix smiley bug in ADMIN panel.
    (actioned resolved)

  25. Macro box has now been made SIZEABLE as a minor upgrade you can pull the lower right of the box down.

I may have missed a few smaller items from the list above.
As you can see we have been quite busy on everyone’s behalf and do take into account your thoughts wherever possible.

Certainly we could not have done as much as we did without our testers and the rest of you.
Oh and remember the testers and myself are just volunteers like the rest of you.


(FR) Feature request
(NFA) No Further Action at this point in time

  1. Merge bugs where databases errors occur or a NON merge happens (moderator related)
    (investigating to allow any order merge)
    Currently testing

  2. Ability for GLOBAL MODERATORS to elevate users to SECTION ONLY moderators.
    Primary feature deployed with additional work required.

  3. Consolidation of so far deployed features.
    Consolidation closing unless anyone has any remarks about the features so far ?

  4. The @username function has been re-enabled. This allows to to attract attention to a post for other users and should put you an alert up.
    (DEPLOYED only to test area)
    Further testing ongoing.

  5. colour tags in code. (bug)
    Moved to actionable for next week. (UK HeliBob)

Item #7

Just an update for this one.

Hopefully the individual language sections will be deployed.
We will have to test that and hopefully it works as well as the current English version.

Don't know the full details myself yet so I don't have a test procedure for it but global mods will be able to set the re-direct to specific items which adds to our load a little but has long term potential benefit.

Currently I think everyone gets directed to the English version.

Hopefully this works as intended.

Please see item #29 on the list above.

@Coding Badly

#29 I got alerted :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Bon voyage work list was nice while it lasted.
You are no longer a sticky and free to drop into obscurity.