Workflow for a project: Structural analysis


Starting out a project and would like to hear your recommendations for a workflow method.

1) Basis premise of Idea: design simple geometry such as a cube or pyramid

2) Apply dynamics to it such as wind (force and magnitude)

3) analyse that force imposed onto each edge of the geometry

What is the best method to find the Imposed axial force on each edge of the geometry. Ideally, I want to avoid doing component based calculations because I want it flexible - perhaps the shapes to be analyzed will be a cube, pyramid, or octahedron.....etc

Is there a way to write a script in like processing - export the geometry to an external Structural Analysis program and re-import the calculations in real time back to processing (wind changing force + magnitude)

The idea is to use Arduino in the end to accept the script and execute a set of actions.

Thanks for any tips