Working on a 200 LED 6 by 2 foot display

So over the past year and a half, I have been working on this project. Essentially I purchased 200 WS2811 RGB LEDs, constructed a frame with a board to hold all of them, and then I designed software using the Arduino and an Ethernet shield that allowed different text to be displayed up on the board. Since I had given this to a school for about 6 months, I made a web interface that allowed them to customize the displayed message, and also things like colors.

There were a ton of road blocks along the way, like limited variable memory space on the Arduino causing the sketch to crash every time it connected to the website and download the information, or LEDs burning out, or downtime on the webserver, it has been a long road.

Right now, I am using it as a light for my videos, but I can easily reload the sketch with all of these features back on if anyone is interested in seeing how it worked in more detail.

Check it out here! Arduino 6'x2' 200 LED Matrix Project Overview (Quick Update #3) - YouTube

I am thinking about making some more in depth tutorials about the code, construction, wiring, etc… Let me know if you guys would be interested in seeing this!