Working on a morse code lock

I am working on a project. A Morse machine that if a certain Morse code is pressed a electromagnet is engaged. An indicator LED will tell you when the button is being pressed as indicated in the script bellow. I am uncertain how to merge the first part of the script regarding Morse code, with the ladder part concerning the password check. What am i doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

Also I get an error regarding " ‘readio’ was not declared in this scope" at line 31. How do i fix this?

#include <Password.h>

Password password = Password( "0000" ); //password to unlock

unsigned long signal_len,t1,t2;   //time for which button is pressed
int inputPin = 2;                 //input pin for push button
int ledPin = 4;                   //outpu pin for LED
int magnet = 11;                  //Output for electro magnet
String code = "";                 //string in which one alphabet is stored

void setup()


void loop()
  while (digitalRead(inputPin) == HIGH) {}
  t1 = millis();                            //time at button press
  digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);               //LED on while button pressed
  while (digitalRead(inputPin) == LOW) {}
  t2 = millis();                            //time at button release
  digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);                //LED off on button release
  signal_len = t2 - t1;                     //time for which button is pressed
  if (signal_len > 50)                      //to account for switch debouncing
    code += readio();                       //function to read dot or dash
  while ((millis() - t2) < 500)           //if time between button press greater than 0.5sec, skip loop and go to next alphabet
    if (digitalRead(inputPin) == LOW)
  convertor();                          //function to decipher code into alphabet

char readio()
  if (signal_len < 600 && signal_len > 50)
    return '.';                        //if button press less than 0.6sec, it is a dot
  else if (signal_len > 600)
    return '-';                        //if button press more than 0.6sec, it is a dash

void convertor()

  static String letters[] = {".-", "-...", "-.-.", "-..", ".", "..-.", "--.", "....", "..", ".---", "-.-", ".-..", "--", "-.", "---", ".--.", "--.-",
                             ".-.", "...", "-", "..-", "...-", ".--", "-..-", "-.--", "--..", "E"
  int i = 0;
  if (code == ".-.-.-")
    Serial.print(".");        //for break
    while (letters[i] != "E")  //loop for comparing input code with letters array
      if (letters[i] == code)
        Serial.print(char('A' + i));
    if (letters[i] == "E")
      Serial.println("");  //if input code doesn't match any letter, error
  code = "";                            //reset code to blank string

void checkPassword(){
if (password.evaluate()){  //if password is right open
    //Add code to run if it works    
        digitalWrite(magnet, HIGH);//turn on
    delay(15000); //wait 15 seconds
    digitalWrite(magnet, LOW);// turn off
    Serial.println("Denied"); //if passwords wrong keep locked
    //add code to run if it did not work
    digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); //turn on
    delay(500); //wait 5 seconds
    digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);//turn off

Can’t help with code we can’t see. Please read the “how to use the forum” stickies to see how to format and post code.

That's my problem i can't get started properly because i can't seem to wrap my head around a duel purpose button or how to code the password

Did google not turn up any morse code projects for the arduino?

it did, but not regarding using a predetermined code to open a lock. I imagine something along the lines of a one button keypad :stuck_out_tongue: tried to find something along those lines with little success. i found a code regarding double-clicking and a hold event but it ha to be too precise. if the user was to fast it wouldn’t be worth much.

That’s where i start hitting a wall. A way to make a keypad with only one button and a fairly long code.

What I'd be looking for is a library that takes in pulses, and interprets those pulses as Morse code. You may have to amend it a bit for speed of input, but as long as you get a string of letters out of it (I assume you're expecting the user to input some wording in Morse) you can simply compare that to your password.

Or use pulseIn() on the pin your keypad is connected to, and some smarts to determine short and long pulses.
Take the pulses, if less than certain time it's a dot, if longer than another time it's a dash.
Make it smarter, and base the time length on the length of the pulses received.
Check length of pauses between pulses to see whether it's a completed letter.

Morse code decoder.

Hmm the last link was useful how ever i will not be able to have a laptop with me, i might be able to play around with it a bit. still have to figure out how to make it activate a pin by a certain code.

No, it shouldnt have italics.
Or goto.

So ditch the "Goto NextDotDash;" and change the font got ya xD
I can see i fogot to remove ther myservo.write aswell. That's probably changed to another kind of lock.

Even better for code readability are the venerable code tags.

Another thing: you mention you're using the internal pull up to simplify the circuit; I guess that means the button pulls the signal low in which case have to reverse HIGH and LOW as HIGH is the rest state and LOW is the active state.

That goto takes me back 30 years - that's just about the last time I've used it or seen it being used (in good old BASIC that was a common way to jump around your program).

The internal pullup might be a remnant from some of the code i reverse engineered to make this script. I have taken some parts from some scrips in order to speed up the process

But am i safe to assume that it will read the morse code generated by the first part of the code as password or do i have to write something else to combine the two?

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The internal pullup might be a remnant from some of the code i reverse engineered to make this script. I have taken some parts from some scrips in order to speed up the process


Not updating comments to match your situation can come back to bite you big time. You're confusing yourself with it, when you come back to the code later. It also confuses other people that know nothing about your code or what hardware it's attached to, and that rely on the comments for understanding of what's going on.

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Where is your include file?

What include file am i missing aarg?

I would like to hear some feedback, i have revisited parts of the original code. Let me hear what i am missing.

, i have revisited parts of the original code.

Didn't you think others would like to see what you revisited?