Working on a new Emergency Ventilator Design

I have recently been working on an E-Ventilator design and I have a few questions in regard to electric hardware, in case you have experience and can answer my questions

First, I apologize if this is the wrong section to post this, but I did not know where to go as this topic has to do with emergency COVID-19 medical designs.
So, I have been extensively reading and researching various ventilator designs over the course of the last 2 months and I were finally able to choose three projects as my main design reference :

MIT E-ventilator
MPS Ventilator

My questions are the following: (btw, I have read the projects word by word still I am missing some electrical knowledge)

Q1) What is the best motor to use in the design ? servo ? stepper ? gearbox ? and Can I use a car windshield motor, and can I control speed as I like and angle sensoring ?

and will there be need for a motor controller to control voltage, maybe direction ... etc ?

Q2) what is the best ratio to get for the motor ? 1:25 or 180:1 ... etc given that the handles or the pushing hands connected to the motor will not exceed 1 kg in total weight.

Q3) Which option is best, to use an Arduino uno R3 or Arduino Mega ? considering that I will have too many sensors to connect (I personlly have 2 arduino uno boards)

Q4) In terms of engineering design and when paying attention to engineering standards, should we provide a feedback loop for control systems using MATLAB & Simulink ? if so, does anyone have the resources or links to better understand how to proceed with it?
Q5) For alarm buzzes, pressure sensors to will work for ventilator design, and best switchs and buttons, does anyone know the best website to buy these items from with relatively fast international delivery [I reside in Cyprus]
I should mention that I will use the BVM mask as the main air insertion, I was also going to use an oxygen pipe to let the ventilator mix both the air and oxygen, but is seemed like hard work so I am just sticking with the BVM bag.
Thank you !

  1. for ventilator stepper (nema23) is the best choice, you can control the speed. from degree/second up to rotation/second.
    you'll need stepper driver.
    why not motor? because motor don't know how to step, it will run as you connect it to supply.
    2)by using stepper you can forget the gear ratio,
  2. you need to define how many sensor that you need and sensor interface that you use,
    for example: stepper driver need 2 PWM line, LCD use I2C, pressure use SPI. 1 uno already enough for that things.
  3. i don't know about that, but you can implement PID inside arduino, but here is a link about interfacing arduino and matlab/simulink
  1. based on you location, try to search the things in turkey region, here is i got marketplace that sell small component.

This is a great project and hopefully it will come to being but all of you who keep saying that this should be left to the professional medical device makers.

This is a great project and hopefully it will come to being but all of you who keep saying that this should be left to the professional medical device makers.

Did you forget to complete your sentence?

Did you forget to complete your sentence?

I don't really think so. Pardon me if I have done so :o

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