Working on library to "play" a .bmp files to neoPixels

Title says it all. I'm working on a library that lets you set a .bmp file and play it line by line to a strip of neoPixels.

This allows you to make any exotic pattern you can dream up using any paint program.

Not polished too much yet, but it is functional.

Quick video

The test program that was running in the video.

#include <SD.h>
#include <adafruit_1431_Obj.h>
#include <neoPixel.h>
#include <bmpImage.h>
#include <imgNeoPixel.h>
#include <screen.h>
#include <timeObj.h>

#define NUM_LEDS     150
#define NUM_LINES    400
#define MS_PER_LINE  50
#define PIXEL_PIN    10
#define SD_CS        4
#define FILE_NAME    "/newPic.bmp"

#define OLED_CS      7
#define OLED_RST     8

neoPixel lites(NUM_LEDS, PIXEL_PIN);
bmpImage       thePicFile;
imgNeoPixel*   theNeoPic;
timeObj        lineTimer(MS_PER_LINE);
RGBpack        theLine[NUM_LEDS];
int            lineNum;
bool           goUp;

void setup() {

   initScreen(ADAFRUIT_1431,OLED_CS,OLED_RST,INV_PORTRAIT);   // Have to fire up the screen because it has the SD drive on it.
   if (!SD.begin(SD_CS)) {
      Serial.println("No SD Card?");
   if (thePicFile.openDocFile(FILE_NAME)) {
      theNeoPic = new imgNeoPixel(&lites,&thePicFile);
   } else {
      Serial.println("No File?");
   lineNum = 0;
   goUp = true;
   theNeoPic->setupOffscreen(); // If you have the RAM, let it really rip!

// Wipe up and down..
void incrementCount(void) {

   if (goUp) {
      if (lineNum>NUM_LINES) {
         goUp = false;
   } else {
      if (lineNum<0) {
         goUp = true;

void loop(void) {

   if (lineTimer.ding()) {             // If the timer has expired..
      lineTimer.stepTime();            // Reset our line timer.
      theNeoPic->setLine(lineNum);     // Read a line into the neoPixels.;                    // Show it.
      incrementCount();                // Set up for next line.

-jim lee

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