Working on my first shield. Requesting critiques on my drawing

I’ve recently picked up some arduinos and have been enjoying working with them. I’m working on designing a shield for interfacing a TFT and a RaspberryPi with my mega. Attached is an eagle schematic file. I took a peek at the mega schematic and tried to use some of the same techniques used to draw my shield. I’m curious if anyone would have any suggestions on improving my drawings.

Thanks so much,


tftshield.sch (179 KB)

if you display it as a pic more people would see it not everybody has eagle :)

I really don't know what advice you are wanting from just a schematic. I don't like seeing bus lines, some of your nets aren't labeled..

Have you made the board yet?

No I haven't made the board. I'd like to test the components in a bread board first to make sure it's going to work. Once I'm certain should work then I'll probably work.

As far as what I'm looking for is readibility and if it seemed to make sense. I know most (at least in the US) start at the top left and work to the right and down.

Thanks for looking at it.