Working on Temperature data collection

I'm new to arduino. I have a project i'm working on to make my life easier at work. I need to collect temperature reading from a series of bearing that will range from 6-22 reading each. It a lot of crawling around i have to do and it takes 2-3 hrs per a section. i have a series of codes i plan to try but the devices i need to start the project have me going in circle, i really need some assistance. Thank you

Our ability to help you is in direct proportion to the amount of information that you provide about your project. We need, at a minimum, a schematic of the project with all components, component values/part numbers and component connections. Also the code that you tried with a description of what the code actually does and what the code is supposed to do. If you need help choosing temperature sensors, we need to know the temperature range and environment in which the sensors must operate.