Working To Expand On Instructable

Hi there,

I'm currently looking to build the following instructable as a prototype for my University project.

One problem I'm having is working out how to convert this (once it's built) into my own idea. I believe many of the components will be the same, but I will need to also make some drastic changes for this to work.

My own project is to create a portable communication device which is wearable on the user's clothing, hence the Lilypad. To do this, I hope to create a device which will communicate with others and upon a connection being made using the Emitters and Phototransistors (as demonstrated in the instructable), a post will be made on the user's Twitter page which contains contact details stored on either device.

This is a similar idea to a business card, but the contact details can then be transferred to a personal Twitter page for use later.

I thought of maybe expanding on the above instructable using XBees but to be honest I really have no idea how to go about doing this.

If you can help in any way I would be very grateful.



Nice idea!

The biggest problem you face is getting the data from the lilypad onto a server somewhere. For that to work anywhere, then you need a GPRS / CDMA modem module (cellphone in a module). Relatively expensive, needs a sim card and bulky and battery eating compared to the lilypad, but just about doable.

Alternatively, you could have a little bluetooth module connected to the Arduino that talks to an App on the wearer's phone and the app on the phone does the comms back to a server.

But that would restrict you to people who have an Android phone or iPhone, and have your app downloaded.

Having said that, then you could argue that you don't need the Arduino at all, and you could do it phone to phone over bluetooth, or using GPS proximity!

Curses, I hate it when an argument destroys itself!