Working user command interpreter.

It needs more comments I’m sure but for now it works. It’s not the best, it’s an example I’ve got to tighten up more.

The commented-out debug prints have been left in to show beginners what debug prints look like.

It lets the user print and set values in a running uneven led blink sketch. Repeat the usage message by entering help.

It’s mostly about using the delimited keyword matcher. The example loop() code only deals with finished_match, the delimiter at the end is required to get that.

However a sketch that acted on list_matched could match concatenated keywords-as-segments where what is matched is a string of sub-words. I some cases it could allow a smaller total word list even with a table of key sub-word strings that would be required.

Lastly, not done here but the keyword list can be used for autocomplete.

User_commands_beginner_v1.ino (14.4 KB)