Working with a TFT_ILI9163C LCD

Good Morning Folks,

I am working with a 128*160 ILI9163C. I am working with SUMOTOY's TFT_ILI9163C libraryThis Library to be specific version => [Pre-Release-1.0p7]

Now everything is working so YAY! However I have one issue. This library is made for the same screen but at 128*128. So although the screen is working there is an area at the bottom that is dead and I'd love to get that to work :-).

I am working my way through the library to figure it out but in case anyone has run into this issue I can use a hand.

Have a good day!

Please post a link to the actual screen that you have.

Please study the photos in your (Ebay) link. Do they match what you have got in your hand?

Please describe any differences e.g. lettering, pcb traces, component colours, ...
or search Ebay for an accurate photo.

This is where I purchased the screens

Datasheet that came with it

It's exactly that screen. Although my real issue is with the library.

I was hoping that you had a regular module mounted on an adapter pcb from Ebay.
Instead, it is a Chinese site that upsets my Anti-Virus.

The ILI9163 can be configured for many different panels. Most libraries should only need to change the TFTHEIGHT macro. You are aware that this module is for 2.8V. Most punters are determined to use 5V (and wonder why it does not work)

I have ST7735S in 160x128 and 128x128. But I only have ILI9163 in 128x128.


Ok great thanks, no like I said it's not a module made for Arduino its a bare screen.

But the screen is working just the height is an issue that's why I am looking for people that have toyed this library before.

I'm also aware it's 2.8v thank you for that as well