Working with DGS spec sensors and Arduino Mega board

Hi everyone. I am quite new to Arduino platform. Currently was interested in developing a small project which will deal with digital sensors from SPEC in order to measure the gas concentration in offices. My issue is that, I was not able to get output from these SPEC sensors (Digital Gas Sensor Module for Hydrogen Sulfide: DGS-H2S - Spec Sensors) ( for gases H2S, CO, NO2, O3).

I have seen the project from electronza (H2S sensing revisited: using the sensor with Arduino Uno - Electronza - Medium). Even though, after trying his method by installing logic level converter, output was not obtained. To be specific, even by using his provided code the results were only 0 (zeros). I would be happy if there is somebody who had a chance to get results from these sensors and who could help me. Thank you!

If you are waiting for someone that has used that particular sensor to give you an answer, you may have a long wait.

Without your code, schematic of your wiring and photos of your setup I don't know how to help you.

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