Working with kinetic

Hey everyone I am needing some help with this project i am doing.

So i have this plate (imagine a push switch) that when you step on it it creates voltage. It starts at 12v and when you step on it it goes up to 13v then trails of back to 12v.

How would I set this up and programme this so when the switch is triggered (up to 13v) it makes an LED go on and when it goes back down to 12v it goes off?

Is it the same kind of code for a simple push button?

And how would i set up the values of when it has to trigger the light on?

You can do that directly with a voltage comparator (an opamp) as long as you have a reference voltage to compare. You don't need a microcontroller though hey the Arduino does have a comparator that can handle 5V range.

Hi thanks for getting back to me. I'm fading some EL wire along with the strength of the Volts. (when someone jumps hard on the plate the EL wire is brighter) I think ive managed to kind of get it working.