Working with relays

I want to know how to connect AC appliances (240V) to these relays . I want to switch on/off fans , tubelights and motors(submersible). I don't know how such appliances can be powered. Here are the links: Or I am using Arduino Uno:

Try this link first.

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If i join adapter to the socket, Do i still need to connect GNG to gnd on arduino and vcc to 5v on arduino . How to connect vcc to 12v as it states so?

Typically a relay has a common and on when powered and on when unpowered terminals. Youd wanna at the very least hook up your hot wire to the common on the relay and you on when powered to your outlet feeding your appliance. That way when the relay is on the power flows through the hot wire to your appliance. All of this has to be enclosed in a spark proof box deep enough to host the outlet and electronics because as per code I a spark happens, an arc, it could cause a fire. Home depot sells receptacle boxes deep enough to hold a single relay and the receptacle. The Nanos wires would then exit the box and presumably go to a project box holding the Nano and boards. Hth