works fine if usb connected to laptop , dont work fine if connected to usb chrge


i have two mini arduino and i connected them via digital ports

i write code that if arduino 1 - > port high so arduino 2 turn on led . the problem is that if i connect the first mini arduino to laptop usb port everything works fine , but if i connected the first arduion to usb chrger 5v 1.8a in the wall the led blinks , i did digitalread to see what i get from this port .... i get 010101010101010101 instead of 111111111111

anyone know why ???

tnx ....

Never had this problem.

I run five 8x8 LED matrices and a Pro Mini from a 2200 mAh power bank, and it works beautifully.

Are the grounds connected?

Post your code.

Which pin on arduion 1 is connected to which pin on arduion 2? + what @MorganS said.