Worlds Smallest Arduino Mega Clone

Check it out guys and gals and let me know what you think! We came up with a super small Arduino Mega that is designed to plug right into your project and be easily removed without having to pull all the wires out of your project or make an expensive custom shield! Also its smaller then the Uno with a mega on it.

EDITED!!!! 8/16/2014 We now are including the plastic holder for the arduino in all reward tiers that include an Arduino Mega! This is for all backers weather they backed it before this announcement or not. Keep posted for more announcements though out the kickstarted campaign and we plan on rewarding the early adopters as much as possible. =)

EDITED!!! 8/18/2014 New Images, FAQ, and Video on the kickstarter page. We're in talks with an Atmel rep to get some more momentum on this. Wish us luck and if feel free to message us of you have questions or just want to tell us what you like/don't like about it.

Looks like just what I am working on here Got my bare boards in a couple days ago, haven't had time to assemble one yet. Same idea - a megaclone that can be dropped into a circuit, I was looking into an array of processors idea initially.

Cool. I’ve been working on it since 2010. Finally happen enough with it to try to sell it. I have actually a large variant of them in the works myself. I feel it is a market that needs an Arduino bad and I see i’m not the only one that thinks that!

I bought some schmartboard 100pin adapters to try this with a while ago, never around to assembling tho.

Yeah I started with standard TQFP breakout boards but then you still had to add a bunch of external hardware for every circuit so I built it all on the MegaCube. 5V regulator and all. I have a 3.3V version of it built as well but We were only going to put the 5V version on kickstart unless we get funded. If we get funded I’ll add the 3.3V version as a stretch goal or additional reward.

The 3.3V version needs a different processor, keep that in mind. The version used in the Mega needs 4.5V min.

I'm well aware of the specs of atmel processors. I've been designing around just about every product Atmel makes for the last 10 years! And other brands dating back to the 80's. Just like I said in the last post I've been refining my MEGACube design for 4 years and I have every variation you can think of built and function. I have a huge soft spot for Arduino and would love to be able to share my vision of a megacube with everyone that could use one :)

Atmel featured me on their blog and asked me to write about my MegaCube. Check it out!