Would anyone be interested in a Wirral Workshop?

Im moving into a bigger unit shortly formy business, but there will be spare room that i can run a workshop from, would anyone be interested in this?

Im also thinking of having Antweight bot fights should anyone else be interested in it.

So would anyone be interested?

Might help to mention what part of the world you are in.

Wirral, Northwest England :)

Yanks..... :)

Sticking Wirral in Google pretty much isolates it......

Put me down as semi interested, I'm about 70 miles away but money is a bit scarce at the mo......

M62 - 135 miles.

I would love to if it was closer. Shame it's such a distance so I think I'll have to pass on that one.


Yanks..... Smiley

Sticking Wirral in Google pretty much isolates it......

I did that. I just thought that an initial post asking if people were interested would include that.

It's not unlike people asking a question about some gadget they are trying to interface with, and expecting us to go dig out the missing information, when the OP knows it.

Yeah, I probably would. I'm Wigan based.

Depends on cost really, I'm an NHS administrator so expect to be culled any moment by our glorious new leader :(

Costs would be minimal, the new unit is 500sq feet(not huge, but I only use half at the mo)

Suppose I'd better work that stuff out ;)

I live in Warrington and can get to the Wirral easily. I am very interested in learning more about Arduino in a workshop environment and in meeting other users. Please let me know if anything is arranged. If any assistance is required to set up I might be able to help in some small way.

I would be very interested!!! I'm only 20 mins away. Is there any more info?

No more info yet, busy sorting contract etc :)

Where about are you located?

I'm by town in Liverpool.

Hi Im in liverpool, would like to attend a 'get together'



How many times have you stepped out from Louis Vuitton or Abercrombie Fitch,Gucci

Count me in too, I'm on the Wirral - just getting into working with the Arduino.

Hi, Just joined this forum and I noticed you were considering a workshop a few months ago, I am in southport and an Arduino 'newbie' did you do a course? Or do you know of any ? Jim