Would be a problem 2A h-bridge and 2.8A Stepper Motor?

Hey guys!
I wonder if a stepper motor with Current Rate 2.8A will always operate at 2.8A. Because I have only 2A H-Bridges, the 3 ~ 4A are to much expensive!

If you have the stepper motor, you can measure the actual current yourself.
And only you know what kind of speed and load you will be putting on the motor.
From this distance we could only guess.

Thanks for answering.
I wondered that the stepper motors were continues current… and the current would be determined by the internal coil, but I’m not sure…
Would work turning on and off in intervals the stepper motor?

The current is determined by the voltage and the coil resistance (Ohm's Law).
Using PWM is one way of reducing the average power through the motor (and through the H-bridge.
Note, however, that the instantaneous current is still 2.8A, and that does not change because of PWM.
It is sill advisable to measure the ACTUAL current to see how close you are to the limit.

Ok, thanks.
I will try to do that!