Would Bluetooth low energy work for this project?

Hi everyone! I have been working for a while on a wearable electronic name badge project. The badge has an OLED display, and is designed to scroll through user set messages. The current version has a 5 way button you can use to input the message, but I recently got an ESP32, and got to thinking if it might be possible to do away with the 5 way button. My idea is to change the processor on the badge to an ESP32, and use BLE to send a message to the badge via a phone. That would save space on the badge, and make it easier to type messages. I have watched some videos on how BLE works with the ESP32, but I am very very new to it. Would it be reasonable for a noob like me to try to get what I want working through BLE? I think if that seems like it will be too much trouble, I could always use the wifi features of the ESP32 to change the message from a web address, although I image that would take more power. Thanks in advance for any input!

What have you tried so far? Since you have the ESP and the display...

I havent tried to implement it yet. Im trying to figure out what the best way to do the project is. I have watched two videos by Andreas Spiess where he runs through the basics of using BLE with the ESP32, and I have played with some BLE demo sketches to the ESP32.