Would like to hire a programmer to write a sketch for a custom scoreboard

I have been working on a sketch that uses MAX 7219 to output to a (1) 8 digit, 7-segment display for a scoreboard.
I would like to hire an experienced programmer to either finish this code, or write an entirely new sketch.

I have attached the Sequence of Operation and my attempt at programming the sketch.


countdown_timer_brainy_me5_REV6_BACKUP.ino (17.9 KB)


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Hello Mike
How are you ?
I think about to realize your sketch using OOP.
All holes, holeStateX to Winner, will have a common data structure, containing all relevant data to handle the event in cases as spezified from your side.
snip start

struct HOLE {
  byte pin;
  byte state;
  unsigned long stamp;
  unsigned long duration;
  void (*task)(int); 
} holestate[] = {

snip end
What do think?

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Thanks to all who responded. I was able to get the assistance I needed from an experienced programmer. Happy to say the sketch provided to me works great.