Would someone care to recommend / guide a (sort of) newbie?

Hi. I'm an experience programmer, with rudimentary electronics knowledge. I have an UNO board, and am dying to do my first project with a vibration motor. Never done it before.

I don't need to be spoon fed, though I wouldn't say no to a bit of mentoring either! :) But could someone outline what I'll need to make a standalone (not tethered to usb/laptop) box that vibrates on command?

Any links or shopping list welcome. I assume I need a 3V vibration motor, maybe without a transistor. Not sure. But i'm still so new to arduino, i'm not even sure if / how to connect a motor to the uno (on the digital side)?

Really hoping someone can guide a novice here. I'd be everso grateful. Thanks. Tom.



You need a driver circuit to power the motor. There is a motor driver shield which can plug directly onto your Arduino - it's overkill for what you need here (provides reversible control for two motors) and you could just make up your own single channel driver using a transistor, but using a standard shield would be a simpler and quicker solution.

You'll need a power supply, ideally one that can drive both the Arduino and the motor. A battery holder with four NiMH cells gives a cheap and effective 5V ish supply that is great for powering the Arduino - you'd need to choose a motor that can run off the same supply, or provide some way to drop the voltage to a level that the motor can tolerate.

Presumably you want to have some way to make this turn on and off. Either you could program the Arduino to do it on a timed basis, or you could use a button or other local sensor, or use any of a variety of wireless communications mechanisms and have something somewhere else that controls it wirelessly. Of course the problem gets bigger in this case since your Arduino needs more hardware and code, and you need to create something at the other end of your wireless link.