wow - lilypad / atmega 8mhz

after explicitly telling her several times never to connect the + and - , well what do i go and do?... do it myself the very next day!

smoke started rising i quickly disconnected the 850mah (4.2 old phone battery with short circuit protection (apparently)) battery and thought, ooppps.

I let it cool down and went back to it 5 minutes later, turned it on, nothing, it was not booting or anything all the pin outputs were high and doing nothing, I thought oh well, it happens, so out of curiosity i hooked it up to the pc (as the lily pad usb ftdi is on a break out board, not the lilypad board) all the lights on the FTD chip went a little crazy, all the lights stopped flashing and went lightly lit so i disconnected.. but curiously windows was detecting it, but i'm not sure if it was simply just detecting the ftdi chip and nothing more.

so anyway i thought i'd connect it up again now it's had chance to cool!

low and behold it sprang back to life..... impressive it's working away as per usual.