wow!Seeeduino Catalyst pack

This is a deluxe pack for Arduino users; it includes Seeeduino, basic components and prototyping platform, various Input and sensors, visual and audible output, flexible structure enhancement and extensive power options. It covers from starting up tutor to advanced experiments; with specially manufactured components and structures from this pack, you may even build customized shield NOW!

More information:

Huh. Well, that should answer a lot of those “what should I get with my arduino to get started doing interesting stuff” questions!

Seeedstudio-Fan, I’m curious, what’s your connection to seeedstudio?

Since this post reads as “promotion” I’m curious why Eric didn’t post it himself.


I saw the pack a while ago while I was placing an order last week. It does look like a great starter kit and seeeduino is probably my favourite variant because it takes standard shields or perfboard shields.

But it does seem strange to have someone named seeedstudio-fan raving about it and posting nothing else here. Eric has been very willing to make “official” product announcement here, so I’m really curious too how seeedstudio-fan connects.

You mean Seeedstudio is Seeeduino fanboy, who would have figured? :wink:

Actually because of the whole open source nature of the Arduino world I am a fanboy of all the hardware suppliers that support the effort. Just means more choices, better prices and more creative ideas to share. I hope there is room for them all to suceeed, and all it takes is a continous growth of people coming into the Arduino world :slight_smile:


Actually I meant seeedstudio is not seeedstudio-fan. Eric will promote his products up front, why would he want to pretend to be a fanboy? His real account has much more credibility in the community.

I wonder. His company has grown significantly since I suggested that he set up a web store last year. It’s possible that he has some employees and one of them is a little overzealous. Or maybe he wanted to create an identity that is only used to promote new Arduino products, so that anyone not interested in buying stuff can simply ignore the topic.

Actually… Fan is Mr. Fan from Seeedstudio, he is a new member with great inspriations as everybody here :wink: You will see more of his effort on since now~

PS, we have idled about a half month for spring festival. Sorry for absence~ ::slight_smile:

Fan is Mr. Fan from Seeedstudio

So, literally, his surname is “Fan”? Heh, that’s a funny coincidence. :slight_smile:

Things must be going okay for Seeedstudios then? :smiley:


With the current climate of the world economy, we’ll continue to see growth in businesses that provide lower cost or DIY-enabling items. Often this means a small business that has very low overhead. There’s a renaissance in garage industries, and in larger companies throwing a little thought at a problem rather than just money. At least in California, the odds are 1 in 10 that you’ll be laid off, but if you have a skill you may be able to keep yourself off the street.

i hope as well that everyone of the open source hardware sellers will survive the current situation, we need all of them. but i guess they should be in a quite stable market. but i might be wrong.

No job == more time for hobbies!

Hi everybody,i came back.

Yes, like eric said, i am a member of Seeedstudio. NIce to meet you guys here.

I was wondering if you guys (seeedstudio) ever considered taking orders and manufacture acrylic/plexiglass boards, like you do with the PCBs?