wrestling with Libraries

I am trying to use the Time library. The Time.h file may be found here:


(as well as many other places on my computer). When I go to [Sketch, Include Library] in the menus, I can see Time as a Contributed Library. If I try to add it, I get a single blank line at the top of my source code. I already have

#include <Time.h>

in my source code, but I get the following error message:

fatal error: Time.h: No such file or directory

It would be helpful it the error message said where the IDE was looking for the file. I tried <time/time.h> but that was not successful, either.

Also, it would be helpful if the error messages were not dark red on black: is there any way to change the font colors to something more easy to read?

This all used to work on my previous computer, but nothing works at all now. Not sure what to try next.

This failed under 1.5.8; it is now failing under 1.6.3


You should remove one reference of the Time folder. The files should be under, C:\Users\jon\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Time

If the Time library is the one from playground.arduino.cc/code/time, you can use the one available with library manager