Write a flash rom.

Hi everybody. This is my first time in the arduino’s forums.
I’ve been playing with the arduino on quite some projects for now.
In my last project i managed to read the contents of Gameboy Cartriges (ram & rom).
Then, i had the idea to write a new program to the rom chip.
I have a cartrige which is not a Nintendo official Cartrige.
After opening it, i found an Intel TE28F008 chip, which, after doing some internet research, i found that it is the Rom chip.
Here is the datasheet. http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/102474/INTEL/TE28F008.html
I’m a programmer, and am learning digital electronics, by myself. Of course, arduino was an easy way to start.
So I still don’t have the knowledge to fully understand the datasheets of this “complex” chips.
As far as i know, Flash rom can be electronically ereased. In the datasheet, i found that a 12 v supply will actually erease blocks of the rom.
I’m still confused. I want to create a program(sketch), that can rewrite the rom chip. Of course, arduino doens’t have 12v suply, but that can be obtained by an AC adaptor.
Any ideas how to do this??

Page 45 of the datasheet shows a flowchart on how the chip is programmed and erased.
Page 37 describes the wait states.

Have fun!

Pls use correct names. 1. It is a "flash memory" or "Eprom", a ROM can only be written ONCE.

  1. Generating 12 volts can be done on the Arduino, programmatically, there will not be much current but it should be enough, if the capacitors are big enough (you need about 18ma) You need to build a diode pump, from a couple of diodes and capacitors, then wire to some output pins which you generate a frequency on. By alternating between the I/O pins, the diodes will 'pump' the voltage up the Capacitor chain. If you are not up to this or there is a local supplier for electronic components then you can use a Maxim chip, or even an external power supply.