Write & compile sketch using android phone, and upload via Bluetooth

I found a way to write & compile sketch using my Android phone, and upload via Bluetooth just because my Android phone not support USB Host (OTG).


  1. Rooted Android
  2. Arduino Uno R3 (mine Uno R3)
  3. Bluetooth Serial Module (HC-06). Default Baudrate set at 115200 (for Uno)
  4. Arduinodroid, Serial Mirror & Terminal Emulator (Ready on Playstore).
  5. Avrdude avrdude - Google Drive


  1. Replace file /data/data/name.antonsmirnov.android.arduinodroid2/sdk/hardware/tools/avrdude with file above
  2. Compile Blink sketch using Arduinodroid, file Blink.cpp.hex located at /data/data/name.antonsmirnov.android.arduinodroid2/build/Blink.cpp.hex
  3. Open serial Mirror, Start Service & Connect to Bluetooth Device.
  4. Open Terminal emulator, type su, paste the following code /data/data/name.antonsmirnov.android.arduinodroid2/sdk/hardware/tools/avrdude -C /data/data/name.antonsmirnov.android.arduinodroid2/sdk/hardware/tools/avrdude.conf - v -patmega328p -carduino -Pnet: -D -Uflash:w:./data/data/name.antonsmirnov.android.arduinodroid2/build/Blink.cpp.hex :i
  5. Push reset button and then enter on terminal emulator almost simultaneously.
  6. Progress Upload Sketch…… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your suggestion, this is exactly what I would like to accomplish.

Your version of the avrdude ARM binary is a bit out-to-date, and I would like to try with version 6. Do you have the compilation procedure available? I can't find it anywhere!